Arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery allows knee surgery to be carried out using a fine telescope and specialised instruments. It is suitable for most minor procedures such as a torn meniscus (cartilage) or removing loose fragments and for ligament reconstruction surgery. It is usually not indicated once significant arthritis has developed.

It is a day procedure requiring a few hours in hospital. You will be told your fasting and arrival time for surgery and will need someone to take you home.

You can start walking immediately after surgery and get back to work and sport soon after surgery.

How well you do with surgery depends on what is found but surgery is usually only advised if there is a good likelihood of improvement occurring.

Review within 2 weeks allows discussion of what was found and what was required at surgery.

The bandages and dressings can be removed within 24 hours of the surgery and you can shower (but not bath) after 48 hours.

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